01 May, 2007

POP ID: Collective exhibition showing work by Vickie Chan

Ka-pok, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
May 2007

In Spite of Everything (a collection of 12" misunderstandings)

Whilst the name of the collection implies the emotional and temporal impetus we place on music as it passes through the airwaves and into our lives, this collection of LP-sized paintings question the sometimes heart-felt or seemingly innocent song lyrics that blister us on a daily basis.

With each piece named after a song, such as ‘Road To Nowhere’ (Talking Heads), artist Vickie Chan is taking the lyrics out of their musical context, and juxtaposing them with her own images to insinuate new meanings. Chan encourages us to look for new facets in what we know, give apparent innocence a second glance, and question simple relationships between image and text, as she pokes at pop culture. Chan hopes to encourage the viewer to make a new relationship with the songs, In Spite of Everything.

1. Ship Song — Nick Cave


2. Round The Corner — The Evens


3. So Warped — Papa M


4. The Lovecats — The Cure (Limited Edition 10”)


5. Road To Nowhere — Talking Heads


6. Bottomless Seas — Hot Water Music


© 2007 Vickie Chan

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