29 November, 2008

Hong Kong People Freed From City Regulatory Rules!

If you haven't already seen it, Causeway Bay — Times Square to be precise — has been taken over by Carrie Chau's (鄒蘊盈) quirky cartoon-like characters. Our Winter Wonderland is very "Hong Kong" indeed — not a Christmas theme in sight, but adorable mini old-fashioned lampposts, white trees and benches, adorned with Chau's figurines in all sizes, poses and settings.

Carrie Chau

Carrie Chau

Although there are the obligatory security guards pacing around the location, the sheer number of visitors taking photos and posing with the statues makes it an impossible task to ensure the 'do not touch' rule. Best of all is the number of people thinking up new ways to pose with each different character — encouraging Hong Kong to get creative on the spot can only be a good thing. Not only that, people are able to sit around the sculptures and on the benches included in the installation without being told not to. Seeing local residents freed from the normal regulatory rules, and interacting with art is truly satisfying!


© 2008 Vickie Chan

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